Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Noblesville Indiana and surrounding areas

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree entirely. Dead, dying, or heavily diseased trees pose a safety hazard and are not worth the risk to keep around. Homeowners may also consider removing trees that have outlived their usefulness, are affecting growth of neighboring trees and plants, or are simply in the wrong location. At Winding Way Landscaping, our trained personnel are skilled at safely removing trees of any size and in any location on your property. The protection of your home and property is our top priority.

Unless the homeowner specifies otherwise, all trees are cut to ground level. The final cut to the trunk is made as close to ground level as possible to minimize the stump profile.

After the tree is cut down, we perform a thorough cleanup of the area. All of the brush is chipped and the remaining wood is loaded onto the truck. If the wood from the tree is not dead or diseased, some homeowners opt to keep it for firewood and the chips for landscaping purposes. If you decide to replant, we can also assist you with the selection and planting of the species that suits your taste and integrates with your landscape.

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