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Lawn Maintenance in Noblesville Indiana and Surrounding Areas

We offer a full line of services:

Mowing Service

When you subscribe to this service, your lawn gets a complete grooming. We use only commercial-quality equipment that is maintained to strict standards to assure your lawn always looks great. Sharp mower blades ensure a clean, even cut, while a keen eye ensures obstacles are trimmed and edged around. We top it off by blowing off all hard surfaces, as well as mulched areas where stray clippings might have fallen. If desired, complete bagging of all clippings and debris is available.

Lawn Renovation

Even well-cared for lawns can occasionally sustain damage (i.e. drought, salt, pet, or insect damage), which may require some extra care. Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new home where the previous owners’ lawn standards were not as high as yours. There are several methods that we can employ in order to revive your lawn without having to completely start over at bare dirt.

Slice Seeding & Aeration

Core Aeration

This is a process where plugs of soil are removed from the lawn in order to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate into the root zone. This also allows microbes from the soil to come to the surface and break down the thatch barrier which can choke out a lawn. Thatch can also harbor weed seed, as well as make your lawn more prone to disease. Core aeration will also rival the effects of compaction from everyday use, which can make soil impenetrable and over time, and can damage or kill turf. This service is recommended 1-2 times per year to decrease thatch and compaction, and maintain your lawn’s overall health and utility.

This is our favorite method of lawn repair or enhancement, because it is very cost effective and makes a dramatic impact. We perform a core aeration as described above, then slice seed at a heavy rate. Therefore, even if you don’t have bare spots in your lawn, our unique seeding process will still improve the overall look and quality of your lawn for years to come! A thick lawn chokes out weeds, requires less watering, and has better utility, so this service brings a great return on investment.

Lawn AerationLawn Aeration

Leaf Removal

Whether you have 10 trees or 100 on your lot, we can relieve you of the painstaking task of removing leaves from your lawn. We can then either pile them on the curb if your community offers leaf pickup service, or we can haul them away for a nominal fee. This keeps your lawn looking great, and will protect against the possibility of lawn disease caused by leaves laying on the lawn.

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